At Home Remedies to Treat Dental Pain

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No matter how small the ache, burn, scratch, or mark is, pain is pain. Pain in the mouth results from a multitude of sources and can cause general discomfort in your everyday life. If you have a major toothache, make sure to consult your dentist! For more minor cases of toothaches, try some of these at home remedies.

  • Clove Oil. This remedy has been used for years and happens to work thanks to the eugenol found in the oil. If you want to use this method, soak a cotton ball in three drops of clove oil mixed with ΒΌ teaspoon of olive oil. Bite the cotton ball in place of the ache.
  • Floss it out. Some toothaches are caused because of food that is trapped in between your teeth. Try flossing to get the bacteria out and then rinsing with a mouthwash.
  • Canker Sore No More. Mix some hydrogen peroxide and some water together with a dot of Milk of Magnesia and place it on your canker sore. Repeat this process four times a day and your canker sore should be gone and less painful.
  • Jaw Pain can be alleviated by holding off on some food items. Try to avoid big hard foods for a little while as your jaw may be overworking itself.

If you are experiencing any dental pain, still consult your dentist about the best treatment options out there for you.

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